What to expect? Why are these examinations are compulsory in Austria?

MKP-I: this is the first examination that is carried out around the 1st birthday (10th-14th months of age).

MKP-II: this is the second examination that that is carried out around the 2nd birthday (22nd-26th months of age)

Visual acuity (eyesight) and three-dimensional vision develop during the first 2 years. Refractive problems (need of glasses), strabismus, micro-strabismus, amblyopia or unilateral eye disease should be detected in this time window. Should these eye problems not be detected, visual acuity and three-dimensional vision may not develop normally. If these eye problems are discovered only at school age, they can -in most cases- only be partially reversed.

Prof. Lea Hyvärinen with Dr. Papp at the WOC 2014 Congress in Tokyo
Prof. Lea Hyvärinen with Dr. Papp at the WOC 2014 Congress in Tokyo

The characteristic LEA symbols (house, apple, square and circle) were developed by the Finnish ophthalmologist Prof. Lea Hyvärinen and allow an age-appropriate performance of the eye test for children who cannot yet read numbers and letters. In order for your child to be able to carry out the LEA test in a relaxed manner, please print out the symbols for practicing at home so that your child can recognize and/or name these symbols.

To practice, download the LEA eye test here: